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Afternoon David, I stream Tidal/Spotify using my Cambridge Audio 751r into a pair of KEF r500. Tidal sounds glorious through the KEFs. I would definitely recommend getting a demo if you can.  

With a ribbon tweeter!/product/CAMB-651R-BLK!/product/PAH011903

The KEFs are excellent speakers (I have the r500s). You could try pick up a pair of cm8s ex demo and keep things Bowers & Wilkins? ...

Have a listen to the Cambridge Audio 751r you may be surprised by how good it sounds with music and movies. I previoulsy had the LX86 which supposedly has oodles of power. The Cambridge is in a...

Cheers for all the input lads,...

Anyone updated yet?? My 751 is still saying it has the latest firmware despite the CA website saying it's out today??