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Can i use my Arcam Pre out to connect with a rotel Power Amp... and eventually power my B&W 683.

Hi i have been owning an Arcam A 19 for four months now.

Hi i am Using a B&W 683 and i think there is a decent amount of vocals coming out of the tweeter of my B&W 683... The sound has changed a bit...

Help :doh:


I have an Arcam A 19 to play my bowers and wilkins 683 through a chord carnival screen. I use a chameleon Rca Vee3 from my cyrus cd 6 se.

Hi, I have an Arcam and B&W683 attached to it. So if i want to buy another amplifier to bi amp my speakers, i beleive its very difficult.

Help me with ranking these cables or choosing one of the three...

Both Atlas and QED are 5 star and priced 15 pounds each.Both these cables were launched 4 - 5 years back.









Hello every One,

Hi All, I was wondering whether adding a Arcam Ir Dac with Marantz CD 6005 will make the source better than using CD 6005's in bulit DAC.