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I´m considering a cd player to match with my system: -Rotel RA 1520,ROTEL 1552,B&W CM8. Only one can win! Anyone who have something similar?

Tomorrow I will have some photos probably as well. I sent some e-mail messages to different suppliers to find out the price of a new remote,I think it is not fully functional without it. Is there...

  Hi toyota man! I listen a big variety of music starting with pop,rhythm & blues,jazz,soul,rnb,rock... It really depends on my spiritual state in which I am in that moment. Favourite artist...

 Did anyone have this configuration or similar with Audiolab?

 I just did some research, yes,the cambridge 751 it is a pretty goog device. Thanks!

 Hi Lo Fi! Thanks for the reply,I wonder if will be a good partner to my Rotel ra 1520 amp,Rotel rb 1552 power amp & B&W CM8?

Hello BigH! The Audiolab compared to those mentioned by you have a big advantage,it is  2 IN 1 device,player&DAC. In my case,I could play my favourite cd´s and also dac the sound coming from my...