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Hiya guys , 

I will be buying a new BluRay Player very soon . My Denon packed up , it does not play Blu-ray disks any longer , so I need a new member of the AV rack ...


Not a very new member actually, but wonder if I could change my user name and if so -what`s the way of doing it. I did try in my profile , but couldn`t do it .

Hiya all,

Just wanted to share with you my recent experience with a dealer that made me believe that Customer Service in the UK is second to none.

Hiya all,

Just found out how FLICKR works and as I`ve done few changes to my system recently decided to share it with you.

After a month of reading and trying to decide between  Marantz PM6004,PM7004 or CA 650 A , a moment of Xmas madness finally made me to put my money on Leema Pulse II .