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Can anyone recommend good headphones for use with an iPod? I would like a pair with closed backs, good for travel, foldable if possible and something strong and difficult to break.

I live in a flat with large glass windows, marble flooring, concrete walls and a concrete ceiling. Apart from a leather couch and a few small cushions, there are no soft furnishings in my flat.

How comes the front covers of the last 4 issues of WHSV in a row have all been about TVs?

Anyone tried upgrading their iPad1 to iOS5.1? Any problems?


I rather fancy buying the Audioengine D1. I like the way it is usb powered, small, looks good and is pretty affordable.

Hi all,


Can anyone recommend any portable MP3 players or tablets with digital audio out (USB or Toslink)?


Many thanks



I am looking at buying the Naim Unitiqute and have a few questions.