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I submitted these questions to CA customer care almost 3 months ago; and haven't as yet had a response.

Just purchased some audioquest red river XLR cables to connect up a Cambridge 851C/E/W system.

Having returned my Cambridge audio 851c cd player due to a faulty cd tray, I have been looking into various options, regarding a new amp and cd player.


Has anyone heard the new CA azur 851e and 851w pre/power?


anyone know (and willing to share) the trade/wholesale price for the yamaha s3000 series? I've had several dealers offer me pricing below the £4000 mark...

anyone heard the flagship denon 2020ae series? PMA-2020ae and DCD-2020ae.


How do they sound? They seem to have some decent components under those top covers...

What speakers would people match with the ca azur 851a?

Hi all,

I've been thinking, when funds allow, of upgrading to the marantz ki perl light series. Some questions: