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With a budget of £500, do you think I'd be better off with either of the following:


Buying a power amp such as a Cyrus X power to use with my passive pre amp.



I'm looking at buying a basic AirPlay system for the study, and am torn on which way to go.

I'm looking for your advice regarding an upgrade. I've just got a new job and was looking to spend about £500 on my home cinema system tomorrow.

Hello, my current system is a Sony DN610, Tannoy SFX5.1, 40NX713, and bdps370  I'm looking to upgrade the blu ray player as load times for films are killing me.

I've just picked up a Project Debut 2 and need an amp in order to play it!

Hello everyone,


So we moved in to a new pad about a week ago, and it had no TV aerial installed. The only connections available were for a Sky box, and so we decided to go freeview and sky box free.

...Between the Audiolab 8000 and 8200 series?