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I just wanted to share my thoughts on this.


I have a panasonic plasma and a Sony LCD TV.


I've read on the VT20 thread that there are some TV that can approach the Kuro's performance in some areas.


Claire, can you please let us know which ones.


having owned all 3, keen to get various thoughts on all 3 technologies.

I just discovered that I had been setting my PS3 output all wrong.

Is the nait XS a good match for the B&W 805S? 


Also can active speakers such as the AVI or the Dynaudio provide a similar sound to the famous NAIM PRaT?


I'd like to ask all about the burn in period of new hi fi equipment.

What is the sound of non-burn in equipment, and how does it improve? is this a myth or a reality?

I just purchased a Naim Nait XS amp. I auditioned it compared to a UNITI and the XS sounded smoother.