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Yea sorry..I mean as in technology.. Would it be Samsung who make the better led TVs at the moment or are they just the biggest company who sells the most 

Always been into TVs and especially Panasonic and Sony brands but who would you say was the leading brand nowadays or is there not ? Is it just personal preference would be interested in what you...

bigboss wrote: The blu ray player connects to TV, and the TV connects to the soundbar. thanks big boss

Normal TV and my blu ray player not sure how they all connect up

Thanks nugget I thought as much but wanted to make sure  just need to pick the right TV now 

TV is just over 29" long and budget up to £450-500 at a push 

Looking for a soundbar preferably made by Samsung if not : Yamaha Bose etc to sit under my Samsung 32" tv  was hoping to find something the same if not smaller in length as tv 

need advice please guys... which 40" tv would you recommend to buy and would 4k be worth it on that size screen ?...

My budget would probably be no more than £350-400 and I like the idea of the sound bars as they look good and will do me ok.. ...

Looking to get a sound system for my tv but there's so many eg: soundbars/soundbases and blu Ray speakers 5.1 etc. There are so many brands that I don't no where to start.. Is Bose still up there...