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Apologys if this is in the wrong thread but which blu ray movies would be the best to 

watch in blu ray and is there a forum or trusted reviewer of which I can look.


really need a expert opinion on this hope its not a silly question

i have recently moved back into parents house and saving for a house but last month brought a 60" plasma tv

im closer to buying my tv think i may go for the panny zt60 if i can get one and where? dont mind picking it up but i live in peterbough a fair way from any stockist

seen a philps 50PFL7956T cinema 21:9 aspect tv looks nice and cost £2000 so not cheap but any thoughts on this and other philps tvs in


Has anybody seen this tv in the flesh and is it as good as they say?  Need to go and view one really. And also has anybody seen the oled LG 55" in the flesh ?? 

PLEASE help me guys i have posted a few threads already as im on the look out for a new tv,

the plasma panasonic VT65 looks amazing and huge!! and the other is the Lg 4k 55"

whats your views on the best looking tv's out there !? i viewed a curved tv in john lewis to day

and really im not a fan to be honest much prefer the flat screens at mo

Ok so I want to buy a new tv but with the choice so vast I don't no where to start plasma.lcd.led etc etc ..