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Android 5 is due to start rolling out for the LG G3 early next week across various countries.

If you cant wait and wish to update now the KDZ file is available over at XDA forums.

This might of interest to users of Google's Play Music.


Android 4.4 (Kitkat) comes with the option to use the upcoming Android RunTime System instead of the current Dalvik JVM to give a speed boost of approximately 100%.


If you have been using a 2010 Samsung TV or BDP to stream Lovefilm Instant - you will have noticed that you now get an error message saying that Samsung 2010 devices are no longer supported.

For a while now Apple & Android have had the tablet market virtually to themselves - Windows RT was an abysmal failure, and companies like Apple and Samsung have been able to enjoy huge profit

Its a good day for OS upgrades today.

Windows 8.1 is now available from the Microsoft Store (free upgrade for those who already have version 8 ).


So, after not being able to get a signal(4s) and then the maps software being next to useless(5), now we have the sensors on the phone not working(5s)

Samsung has been caught doing what some might call cheating in performance benchmarks.

Following the ridiculous court case where Apple was awarded $1B damage for completely ridiculous patents (subsequenctly reduced to $600m), 2 of the 3 patents - the bounce back and pinch to zoom hav

Some good news is you have a PS Vita and are thinking of getting a PS4 when they are released later in the year.