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We've just lost Winner, and he'll be pleased: he told The Times a few months back: 'I'm very happy to snuff it. I've had enough time on Earth.

From the Wilko Johnson Band Facebook page:


Amidst all the clamour about Olympic Knights, congratulations to industrial designer Sir Kenneth Grange.

Here he talks about his work with Bowers & Wilkins

... Aged 89 – astronomer, xylophonist and longest-running presenter of the same TV programme, The Sky at Night, which started in 1957.

Who is this,

and what's he got to do with something major happening tonight?


A couple of the WHFSV crew are having a SuperSaver AwayDay to Arcam tomorrow, to have a nose around and chew the fat with the company.

Anything you'd like them to ask?

It usually means something's afoot – so what is it this time?

Downton Apple

The CD is 30 years old today – read our blog tribute and join almost 3000 site visitors doing exactly the same thing right no

Good news for those of us brought up on The Goon Show, BBC Schools signature tunes and William Hartnell as Dr Who