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ATC SCM19 mk2 or new SCM20 (when they're released); don't worry about their size, they won't overpower your room with bass. Or maybe a Magico Q1, if cost is really no object.

Quested H108   Used Dynaudio Special 25  

Rob, when you listen very loud to the 19s, what do the A-35 meters show? Do they go beyond the 0/100% reading into the red zone?  

Why not try it on the Focus 110? See how it goes on Dyns.

If you're interested in the subject you may want to read these articles.

The speakers are built to different Q values (their inherent damping). A low Q speaker (critically damped or overdamped) will not need the electrical damping offered by an amplifier with a low...

Dynaudios need an amplifier with a low output impedance (high damping factor) to control them, which means solid state; most tube amps have a high output impedance and can't control the woofer...

An amplifier has the current reserves or it doesn't. Most loudspeakers impedace fluctuates with frequency and the lower it gets the more current it sucks from the amplifier....

Kind of depresing that the M51 didn't beat such an old DAC, be it from Chord. Would be interesting a comparison with the QBD76.

egoBen, you should try the Zingali bookshelfs if you can, these are very easy to drive and not boomy....