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Hi Dears:As per the address, am planning to buy a subwoofer for my Stereo system (look in the signature) and am contemplating a Rel (T7 or T9) or BK XXL400, am inclined more twards the BK but can't

Am planing to upgrade from Cyrus X powers in mono to something higher on the hifi chain.

Am planning to get the the new Perreaux PRE/DAC DP32, and was thinking of a matching power amp that is more powerful than the 100p, so why not get the integrated Perreaux 250i (for 2400 GBP with no

Am considering changing my Prexpd after listening to some other systems and reading a lot about Cyrus preamps being the weakest chain in their products,

Hello guys: This m first post in this section here, So I bought a pair of ATC SCM11 in some earlier time for my music system before changing to some floor standing speakers and these are now kept