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I am looking to extend my Zones and have seen that there is a Free Google Play promotion going on at the minute.

Looks like Windows 8 metro interface.  Always shows big icons so instead of seeing a big oust of your albums you far fewer.

(probably needs to be in the Hot Deals forum really)


At Sevenoaks HiFi.


Trying to log a call with sonos but can't log on at their support website (unless I keep resetting my password).  iPad/iPhone takes me to an invalid URL and PC just says login failed.

I just got an email from sonos saying that there is a new controller app for android devices.

I was wandering around currys and discovered a couple of ultra hd tvs showing native content.  I was kind of gobsmacked.

I have a few components of a Teac Reference 500 that I no longer need (Sonos).



I have a couple of old speakers - B&W CDM2 - and I'm wondering about using a Sonos connect amp to add to my Sonos installation.  I have a couple of questions:

I have a number of Sonos zones in my house and love the convenience of it all.