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a must-read actually

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I have been asked by a friend to put together a multiroom music system for 5 rooms over 2 levels of a semi-detached house. She has given me a budget of 2,700 and it is all up to me.


Can one of the mods please help?

When I select the dts hd ma track on blu ray, my receiver (marantz sr5005) set in auto shows multichannel in. Why not dts hd ma?

Pre iOS 7 and ituens 11.1 I enjoyed several month of rock-solid performance from my airplay system (mac mini, two aexes, ipod/ipad as Remote).

.... Today at 10.30. Wynton Marsalis.

Tried this (flickr) about a month ago, tried today. Not working. Nothing happens once you click 'insert'...

I want to update my ancient music system in the kitchen.

The objective is to improve sound quality while maintaining (or improving) the ease of use.

Well, what has happened in the year for you? What were your most important discoveries, observations? What do you remember from the year? New artists/performances/publications impressed you?