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I have very recently bought myself a Samsung UE48H6400 tv, of which I am VERY impressed with.

A friend runs dance classes and wants a system to run as follows -

6 speakers all in mono, a cd player and the ability to mix 2 mics into cd signal

........and stumbled on one of the main distributers of OCC cable - Analysis Plus

I found it very odd that so many pro musicians were all praising their cables!

After literally years of debating with myself, ive finally plucked up the courage to open up my speakers and fit new caps and wire.

Beta firmware update now available from oppo site.

Im very happy as its fixed some 'banding 'issues that were present on certain HD files

Anyone else buzzing about them making another Mad max film? Personally I loved them, Mad Max 2 definitely being my favourite though. The Mad Max car is awesome

I was reading an article about sound quality of Batman begins through the Oppo 95 so thought id see how it was (Incredible in places)

Seeming as we now have a gaming section..........:p

Gone back to this amazing collection.