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Hi, I'm planning on seeling the nad and getting a pair of studio monitors in the near future (adam sx series/event opals/something similar).

Currently sitting listening to a pair of CM1's powered by a Nad c370 with an arcam rdac with my homebuilt 18inch subwoofer playing oceanlab's siren's of the sea album.

Going home soon to my coffin sized speakers....anyone recommend some good electronic (or otherwise) music with lots of deep bass, no dance music with a 120-140 bpm beat. 

Hi, I hought I'd post it here since it's about getting 2.1 sound essentially, though I realise 5.1 amps are far more common.


Hi, basically I'm looking for a pair of big speakers that will do flat bass to around 60hz give or take (no 100hz peaks), don't care about response below 60 though it's not a problem if it's there.

Klipsch Mode M40's are available for £100 on amazon, anything comparable in the price range or should I pull the trigger?

Due to a logistical nightmare I can either have a 2.0 setup or 1.1 over christmas...what would you go for?

Main use is watching all of breaking bad + films. Can downmix audio to mono.

How much more would a cd player typically cost than a DAC for the same performance?



Hi everyone this is my situation: