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Dear all,


 I have the naim5i set combined with monitor audio RX6. I am keeping the amp for now but am thinking of upgrading the speaker.


I'm thinking of trading in my naim 5i-2 set(amp+cd) and rega dac for a unitilite

Would this be an upgrade in Sound Quality?

I have a noob question:


Will upgrading your dac give the same improvement as upgrading your turntable arm or cartridge?


Anybody any opinions on one of these dac's?


The first more pro-audio than hi-fi?

 Ps audio seems to be a good dac?


My dealer recommended me this dac(PS Audio Digital Link III). Is it really that good?

When are the new dac's being reviewed?


Musical fidelity m1 and arcam dac?


Anybody already heard these dac's?


Thanks in advance

I have a rega brio 3 but i am considering selling it and buying a rotel ra 04 se.


Would that be better? Someone any advice?

What is the best cd player?

 Now I use a Ps3 as source but I can buy a marantz cd 63 for 45£.


Any ideas if this would be an upgrade?

1)Change my monitor audio BR5 for RX6?

2)buy a rega appolo cd player instead of using my ps3 for reading cd's?

3)change my rega brio 3 for a naim nait 5i?


I have a Rega Brio 3 amp and considering of upgrading my speakers to Monitor Audio RX6.

 Does anybody knows if this would be a good match?Is it really worth the upgrade?