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  Having upgaded the 600 and now their CM series of speakers.

  Are B&W in the process of upgrading their complete range, including the PM 1 and 8OOD speakers ?

 Considering pre/power. Would there be any advantage over my current YAMAHA AS2000 AMP.

 How good is this combination ?

 Also what kind of sound do they produce ?

  Wishing to buy a new turntable I have been looking at a few models.

  My last t/t was a Roksan radius [1] fitted with Tabriz arm [which  I still have]

    Would this be a fair contest in the demo ring ?


  1..Q acoustic's concept 40's

  2.. ATC 11's [2014]

  3.. KEF'S LS 50's 

  4.. PMC 21's

   When Albums Ruled the World.

   BBC I player.

   Whilst not familiar with the sound of  Focal.

   They are an attractive looking speaker......:)

    Pussy Riot prisoner gone missing.

    Now where's  that saucer of milk gone.........:shifty:


    New too me ?   

  Anyone had experience of these.

 The close to the wall design factor caught my eye.

  It just amazes me the amount of people who don't know to use a crossing correctly.

  Some just step out trying to commit suicide.

           Any one had experience of the new range ?