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I have the Sonos Playbar in 5.1. As has been much discussed elsewhere, the Playbar decodes Dolby Digital but not DTS.

This month's edition of Whathifi mag mentions a forthcoming review of the Playbar in 5.1 format (with the Sub and two Play:3s). Can someone give an indication as to when this will be?

I have a Pioneer PDP4280XD plasma, and will shortly be adding a 5.1 home cinema system consisting of Yamaha amp and Cambridge Audio Minx speakers.

Due to the size and layout of my lounge, I have the TV (Pioneer Kuro 42") on a stand in the corner of the room, facing a corner sofa in the opposite corner.

Has anyone found lip synch problems with this device? I have mine connected to a Pioneer 4280xd plasma via HDMI, using the TV's speakers.