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If choosing between the two, which one would you go for and why ?   (plz)

The Yamaha RX-V673 or The Sony STR-DN1040 ?

Just wondering having read a good number of different forums as regards to the Yamaha RX-V673  ..(last year's award winner)  Which I have at present

and  THIS Year's Sony STR-DN1040 ?

AS per title, for me anyway    :?


My youngest is 18 on Friday and all of this week and last I have been searching for a TV for his room (which he shares with his brother).

Looking for real quick help !


Can anyone tell me if normal Samsung active shutter 3D glasses will work with this projector please ?  ...  :pray:


I'm looking to dip my toe into the projector family of things and was wondering, does anyone own one of these Optoma H180X Projectors ?

Is it as good as I am reading about online ?

Could someone give me ideas as to what tablet to purchase please between the  £100.00 - £160.00 spectrum please ?  

Wasn't quite sure as to where to post this sort of problem tbh....


I have the Samsung tv as in my info... and a virgin media box (an up to date one)

Do any of you nice chaps have this phone and could I ask a few questions about same ?     :cheers:

Clean 3D Glasses  ?