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Well done Atacama on eventually getting something right. But it's all a little too late.

A couple of dealers on eBay doing the RP6 (sans cartridge) for £498 - bargain (if you don't mind it being the Union Flag edition.

Even free postage from Analogue Seduction.

Having recently seen the VPI Nomad turntable reviewed I was wondering if devices such as this will support the so-called vinyl revival or not.

Possibly a daft question but has anyone on the forum had the Audiocom upgrade done on their Oppo? Either Reference or Signature and if so was it worth it?

The cable has 3.5mm plugs at each end and has taken a fair old battering but never really seemed to be up to the job in the first place.

At the request of the late Charlie Kittleson all 20 issues of the 'Vacuum Tube Valley' magazine have been made freely-downloadable from the link below:-


Anyone else having this pop-up keep appearing, even when you have actually completed it? It's a right pain! >)

So they have been delayed until December, sadly.

Back in the good old days I thought a £500 turntable would be the end of the line.