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Dear Forum Members, I will be extremely grateful for some advice regarding my following query.

Dear Forum Members,

Is the Audiolab 8200CD player's firmware user-upgradable? Just wondering if my 8200CD can have the default 4 filters upgraded to the 7 filters available in the revised version?

Is to advisable to switch off the display on the amplifier (if such a function allows) to obtain optimal sound quality?

I am still awaiting for the January 2011 UK edition of What HiFi to arrive at newsagents here in Perth.

I was wondering if What HiFi might be considering or planning for an iPad version of the magazine for subscription?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with biwiring B&W 684 speakers and if this achieves any noticeable improvement in sound quality?.

I have recently ordered a Cambridge Audio 840A V2 amplifier as part of a system upgrade which will also comprise the Audiolab 8200CD and B&W 684 speakers.

I am contemplating a new audio system comprising the Yamaha CD-S2000, Yamaha A-S500 integrated amplifier and the B&W 684 speakers.