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What do you consider the best and worst things about HiFi?


Maybe I'm just getting bored with HiFi, but more and more I've come to believe that most differences in HiFi are due to preference (ie the delibearate voicing of components) than the pursuit of gre

Are HiFi products luxury items?


There seems to be a bit of hostility on the forum about the recommendation of active speakers. So I wonder, when should active speakers be recommended?

I'm doubting anyone has compared the Dynaudio XEO3 with the AVI ADM9 (any version from 9.1 to T2) yet, but in case they have, I'd love to hear their thoughts on how the 2 compare.

In the conclusion of the Rega Brio R review, WHF said that the Rega is "good enough to worry the likes of  Roksan’s Kandy K2 and 

Just wondering if WHF currently has any plans to review the Quad 11L Classic... 


Also, if there is any news on any other additions to the Classic range: a 12L Classic perhaps? 

Looks like the new Musical Fidelity M3 Series should be out soon and priced just under half the price of the current M6 line:

I notice that only products being reviewed for the first time are shown on the homepage as new reviews: