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Looking to replace my old turntable and I like the look of the Inspire i2 turntable. For the money it looks a great buy but I am struggling to find any reviews.

 As the title states I have just bought a Dacmagic for the sole purpose of playng music from my laptop through my PM6003 amp and very impressed I am too.

Up to now I have not had a dedicated rack for my hi fi equipment, but i have now added a Rega Planar 3 turntable to my system and I am now looking for a rack for it all.

Finnished at last and I am very happy with it. We have had an extension built I got my room and the wife a bigger kitchen. Fair deal I think.


I have SKY HD and have just connected it to a second TV in another room from the RF out 1 connection on the SKY HD box.