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Being in this industry I guess I should know all about this but our office manager had a call from the PPL this afternoon while I was out asking if we listened to radio in the office - she replied

Never noticed this had all gone through! A win for the big record companies I guess, no doubt to be extended again when those 50's/60's hits are due to drop off the timescale.


Whilst travelling and being hassled by lack of network, data charges etc it came to me that some giant company, and I'm thinking Apple here, should basically use their immense worth and really lock

Well I got my iPad 2 yesterday, noticed it has some backlight bleed and a dead pixel, will be returning it tomorrow!

I keep hearing how everyone says they're the greatest thing ever (even our 67 year old MD who's never seemed the techy type), and I do spend a fair amount of time on the internet/iPhone so I'm thin

It seems people may already be losing interest in 3D, or at least the pricing of it in cinemas during tough economic times... 


Ok, technically this should probably be in the "Shows" forum but that seems to be largely ignored so thought I'd try here.


In preparation for the Bristol Show I've been sorting out demonstration systems including a Naim Unitiqute and our upcoming Compact speakers.