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I've just cancelled my multi-room option with Sky but still have an up to date subscription.

Hi - I've recently moved house and since moving the remote control to my Onkyo 876 is playing up.

My company has a deferred compensation policy and I've been given deferred shares vesting in 2011 and 2012

I've just taken my kit out of storage due to working abroad and have tried resetting up my system (Onkyo 876 amp to B&W 685 home theatre system)

Any ideas welcome as I'm running out of time and only having Saturday afternoon to get anything doesn't help!

Hi - anyone know whether it's possible to install windows 7 on my PC currently running Ubuntu (no version of windows installed)

I have a Sky+HD box linked up to my Onkyo 876 amp and just can't seem to get the Lip Sync set up correctly - have spent hours playing with the settings on box the Sky box plus the Amp