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In a recent post I wrote that my old CM1s were dull sounding compared to my more modern speaker purchases.

I've recently been thinking that the very high frequency response (ribbon tweeter technology) of my Monitor Audio GX50 is giving me increasing sensitivity to high frequencies.

For anyone who has a Stream X or X2, I can heartily recommend the Stream X Signature (which can be had for about £300 in a factory return upgrade).

For the best part of two years I've been running two power amps in mono setting (Cyrus X Powers with PSX-Rs).

Now that I've got my DSD capable DAC settled down, I've dived straight into DSD recordings to see what / if I've been missing anything. My early impressions are ...

I'm still getting horrendous fits of super jitter on a Qute HD on USB. It seems to happen after 45-60 mins of play. The input rate light flickers at the same time. It lasts about 2-5 seconds.

From childhood speakers seemed to me to be two way stand mounters.

I've been looking at the A&K120 mkii and specifically trying to fathom out the balanced output.

This is a 4 pole balanced 2.5mm TRRS socket, right next to the standard 3.5mm socket.

Does anyone know if the Chord Qute HD upsamples?

During a recent post on the reliability (or not) of Cyrus; I mentioned that my DAC XP Signature had a Digi Coax input that had never worked from scratch.