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This months issue is announced as April 2014 at the bottom of the forum pages. Is this like supermarkets selling easter eggs early?



Where is the best place to sell a Sansui TU217? Leaving ebay out that is

Anyone know of any secondhand hifi shops in Manchester? The cheapside rundown type places preferably.

Does anyone still have any of the old floppy discs? If so is there any chance i could have one?

bring to the forums a facility I`m sure most of us are familiar with, where hovering over a topic heading brings up the start of the first post? 

The current one was appropriate at the time of choosing but I`d like to change it so that I`m using the same details (username, password etc) on all the sites and forums I frequent.

I've a chance to get a pair of Castle Stirling speakers in good nick and very cheap. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of these.