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Had my 121s for a while now and just got around to changing the brass links for some speaker cable.

Bought my grandsons nano from him a couple of years ago as he needed the money and I needed something portable for holiday. Checking it out today and I find the battery not holding charge.

Looking at 2 x Panasonic 40" TVs. One has a processing rate of 50Hz, the other is 100Hz. Is this something the human eye can detect in PQ.

Just wondering if any of you have heard the remake of War of the Worlds and are able to comment on whether its any better than the original.


This for Sizzers I suppose. Noticed you got the DM39 in your sig now. As someone who previously had the 37, have the volume control steps been modified in this latest model?


Looks like missus will be getting a kindle thingy for xmas.

Daughter and family moving house shortly. Furiously decorating over the next week prior to the move. All the internal walls are plasterboard.

Going to be getting a Marantz CR603 in the next couple of weeks (early Xmas pressie to myself

Taken me a couple of years of subtle hints on birthdays and Xmas but at last I now have the Pure Dab Highway I've been after. This time the hint wasn't subtle at all and it worked.

So there I am, decided that I am going to buy the Marantz CR603. Seen it, heard it, very impressed and apart from a final decision to be made about speakers I'm ready to go.