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Hi could someone tell me if the colour space option on this tv be set at auto or native for the best colour reproduction or is it all down to matter of taste 

Which of these hdmi cables would members recommend not on price but overal performance 

I am consdering this new cable from chord has anyone purchased this cable yet as i would like to have some output on its performance or would it be better to stick with the wireworld island 6 which

Well after 2 years of owning my panasonic tx50gt30 plasma tv and now panadonic discontinuing plasma i am getting rid i have had problems in the past continues image retention  etc so have never bee

Netflix is now available on the virgin tivo box channel 202 for anyone thats interested or dont know

Hi i want to upgrade my hdmi cables and am very tempted by the wireworld chroma 6 what hi fi gave it five stars has anyone got this cables who can let me know what the performance ie picture qualit

hi to eveyone after 12 years of being a sky customer i have decided to move to virgin media got a good deal itb tivo box extra v+ recordable in bedroom free instalation and top package including mo

had my gt30 for a while now so fully run in although the picture quality is great i have always found the picture a bit dull until i turned this system on and now has given me a very bright and viv

i have this phone and have found it to be very slow at responding to everthing even at times crashing losing wireless internet etc i have noticed that the software version on the phone is gingerbre

my sky hd box in the bedroom has packed up so i thought as i had been with sky for 11 years with the top package paying on average between £600 to now £800 they may be accomadating and give me a fr