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I am after a custom bracket but struggling to find  someone to follow my design. Can anyone point me in the direction of a ccompany that will be able to make a bracket the way I want?

I have my screen on a cantilever bracket which gives flexibility for the variable seating.

Richer sounds told me that they are not stocking the GT50 series and could offer the 42" DT50 which was in store and on demo or  order the flagship 42" WT50 in.

I am looking for a 2.1 system for the tv that can also be used an independant stereo that can receive mp3's wirelessly.

I have sky HD and have just recieved a new white card to replace the blue card with a yellow house on it.

Should this provide the neew EPG?

I have a sony w5500 and want to purchase a blu-ray player and remember how certain players worked better with certain TVs.

 So is this still the case?

Since the Pana TX-L32V10 has let me down it decision time again.

Just quick update as to the progress of the tx-l32v10 review, hows it going?