Toshiba 42XV635D

The Toshiba 42XV635D's a respectable performer, but there are cheaper sets that offer more


Toshiba 26AV615DB

There are some plus points to this Toshiba's performance, but it falls down when held up against its peers


Toshiba 52XV555DB

This Toshiba does nothing to disgrace itself, but needs to behave more like a new big-screen than one from a few years ago


Toshiba 32AV615DB

This no-frills set it a great budget option, and if you hunt around you should be able to get it even cheaper

DVD players

Toshiba SD-390E

The Toshiba SD-390E is certainly cheap and very cheerful. It has all the necessary functionality and delivers good pictures and sound


Toshiba 37RV635

The price of the Toshiba 37RV635 might be enough to get you excited, but the picture doesn’t quite have the same effect


Toshiba 32AV555DB

If you like your LCDs fancy, then this Toshiba may not be for you, but those seeking good value on a budget may have a winner


Toshiba 42ZV555DB

Toshiba's 42in screen lags behind the latest competition in flatscreens


Toshiba 46ZV555DB

This Toshiba follows a well trod path of being solid, dependable and bang on the money


Toshiba 42RV555D

This Toshiba LCD should find a few homes thanks to both solid performance and decent price