Toshiba 32HL833

It is difficult for us to recommend the Toshiba 32HL833


Toshiba 40VL758

The Toshiba 40VL758 has been designed by Jacob Jensen and oozes style


Toshiba 42SL738

The LCD flatscreen market is fiercely competitive these days, and Toshiba's large screen 42SL738 can't hold its own against the very best


Toshiba 37RV753

This Toshiba is a solidly built set with just a few niggles against it, and the price is modest


Toshiba 40WL768

Toshiba's first stab at the 3D television market is a worthy LCD set, that not only totes Freesat, but offers a great spec and lovely images

Blu-ray players

Toshiba BDX3100

After having missed out initially with Blu-ray, Toshiba is catching up fast and the solidly performing and inexpensive BDX3100 is a worthy player


Toshiba 26DV713

This Toshiba small-screen LCD is reasonably priced and comes with a capable built-in DVD player


Toshiba 26AV713

The Toshiba 26AV713 continues the trend of praiseworthy Freeview tuners in its 2010 range of TVs


Toshiba 40WL753

At just under a grand, this 40 inch Toshiba has to tackle the big names head on – and this time they prove to be a bit too much to handle


Toshiba 40RV753

If you're expecting picture perfection from this budget Toshiba then you're going to be disappointed, but for detail and core features it's fine