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July 2013

Flatscreen TVs may look good, but they tend to sound rubbish, which is why you need a soundbar – this month we've dedicated our Supertest to seven simple speaker solutions that will give your TVs a sonic boost. Plus we've tested four brand-new 46in TVs, a trio of serious AV receivers, a quintet of phono stages and six mid-price stereo speakers

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SUPERTEST: Soundbar solutions £250-£450

If your shiny new flatscreen TV sounds rubbish, you need one of these to give your telly the sonic boost it deserves

GROUP TEST: 46-47in smart TVs

From intelligent smart systems to stunning passive 3D and more, this year looks to be the most exciting yet for new tellies

GROUP TEST: Standmount speakers £350-£450

The £400 is a sweet spot for stereo speakers. Invest in the right pair at this price, and you've got speakers around which you can upgrade the rest of your system

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