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April 2014

What's a soundbase? All is revealed in the February 2014 issue of the magazine, on sale now. We have eight in our Supertest, ranging from £250-£400, and they'll do a great job of boosting the sound of your flatscreen TV.

Elsewhere you'll find a Group Test of serious stereo speakers, all floorstanders around the £2000-£2500 mark, and a trio of budget home cinema amplifiers from £250-£350.  And if your music is stored on a laptop, then you need a portable DAC. We've put four to the test, from £100 upwards.

First Tests includes our verdict on Sony's new PS4 console, Sony's impressive HAP-Z1ES hi-res music server, a brand-new CD player from Cyrus and Meridian's multi-talented Prime amplifier.

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SUPERTEST: Soundbases £200-£400

Imagine a soundbar that doesn't block your screen, doesn't need a separate subwoofer and sits neatly under your TV. Well done, you've just imagined a soundbase

GROUP TEST: Digital-to-analogue converters £100-£170

If you've got music stored on your laptop, you owe it to your tunes to get a portable DAC. Your headphones will thank you

GROUP TEST: Floorstanding speakers £2200-£2500

Spending upwards of £2000 on stereo speakers is a serious business. And here are four serious contenders for your money

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