DAB/FM radios

Tangent Trio DAB

The future-proof Tangent Trio offers FM DAB/DAB+ and DMB

Hi-fi speakers

Tangent Evo 4

These small standmounters may look the part, but they need a rocket up them to perform at any reasonable level

Hi-fi speakers

Tangent Evo E45

They're slim, attractive and brim with enthusiasm. If you value and exciting and dynamic listen, we think you should audition these

Hi-fi speakers

Tangent Evo 5

The ultimate in polite speakers, Tangent's Evo 5 is an impeccably well-behaved and easy listen

DAB/FM radios

Tangent Uno

The Tangent Uno may be a simple FM/AM radio, with no internet or DAB reception, but it's still a beautifully built and fine-sounding device

Internet radio

Tangent Quattro MKII

Classy internet radio – an exciting, clean listen

Hi-fi amplifiers

Tangent AMP-30

A fine concept and not without charm, the AMP-30 is a desktop amplifier and might be just the thing to power an iPod, but its sound is a let-down

Hi-fi amplifiers

Tangent AMP-200

The AMP-200 might not be perfect but is very likeable, at least where sound is concerned