£ 150

A slightly thick bass sound mars an otherwise decent device – and it falls a little between two stools

£ 90

The first Fidelio in-ears have strengths but aren’t much suited to a life on the move

£ 1100

A fun set of speakers if you’re after outright entertainment over analysis

£ 200

A much-improved flagship effort from LG this year, but it still needs some work to really rival the best

£ 200

If you’re looking for a budget stereo amplifier with a distinct twist, the Fatman could be worth a listen

£ 1500

A low-cost big screen with limitations: not quite the flagship we’re looking for

£ 400

Another solid tablet from Sony, but it just doesn’t do quite enough against the mighty iPad


£ 0

Everything we loved about its predecessor, and then some. LG has done it again

£ 350

A nicely designed system but sound and features are limited

£ 400

Sony’s first amp of 2014 is an impressive and well-featured all-rounder at a great price