Home cinema amplifiers

Rotel RSX-1560

We've met Rotel's multichannel amplifiers before, but can the '1560 garner as much praise as the '1550 before it?

Home cinema amplifiers

Rotel RSX-1550

There might be a few holes in the spec sheet, but this mighty Rotel certainly knows how to impress with DVD and Blu-ray soundtracks

Hi-fi amplifiers

Rotel RA-04

Last year's Award-winner still has what it takes, delivering an expansive, convivial sound and a solid spec

Hi-fi amplifiers

Rotel RA-06

Receives a highly respectable four-star verdict, but we had hoped for much more

CD players

Rotel RCD-06

Crisp, detailed sound from a solid, though not amazing, player. But when compared to newer price-rivals, this falls short

Hi-fi amplifiers

Rotel RA-05

Still a great amp, but not quite as good as its younger brother, the £100 cheaper (and remote-less) RA-04