DAB/FM radios

Roberts Duologic

It's a great listen, is easy to use and looks good too - this Roberts comes recommended

Dock systems

Roberts Sound 53

We’d like a little more clarity and openness to proceedings, not least as the price puts it in to micro system territory, but it’s still a decent opti

DAB/FM radios

Roberts Revival

You may or may not like the retro styling of this Roberts, but it sounds superb

DAB/FM radios

Roberts iDream

The iDream is packed with functionality, but sounds thoroughly underwhelming

DAB/FM radios

Roberts SolarDAB

Perhaps the perfect out-and-about radio – but if you can live without solar power you can buy the same sound for less

DAB/FM radios

Roberts Stream 202

This DAB internet radio may have a good sound, but in terms of value we think you can do better elsewhere.

DAB/FM radios

Roberts robi

A neat and genuinely useful little accessory for your iPod – and at a friendly price

DAB/FM radios

Roberts MP-23

This is a large, heavy product, and that shines through in the sound quality - for the radio

DAB/FM radios

Roberts Gemini 55

Not a bad effort from Roberts, but the same money can buy you better sound

DAB/FM radios

Roberts CRD29

Another one of those Roberts radios that looks like the old-fashioned version of modern, and it faces tough competition