MP4 players


£ 130

In terms of performance this Philips is perfectly adequate, but there are much better choices out there – without even including Apple

£ 100

A multi-media portable, the Creative Zen X-Fi Style 16GB is very likeable and affordable

£ 169

iRiver has jogged along behind Apple's offerings – and the gap seems to be widening on this evidence

£ 279

The new X-series Walkman is Sony's first stab at a proper multimedia portable device to rival Apple's iPod Touch

£ 150

The latest version of Sony's PSP multimedia portable is the most competitive yet, with a brighter screen and built-in microphone

£ 319

First impressions of this multimedia player are underwhelming. The A3 seems a dated, plastic, lumpen figure, and it struggles, too, to sell itself as

£ 200

Majors on portability and competitively priced, but not so hot when it comes to pure performance

£ 280

We've just tested the first of Archos's new 'internet media tablets' in the shape of the 5 personal media player. Can it beat the mighty Apple?

£ 395

Versatile with a list of impressive specs as long as your arm – but not a doddle to use

£ 299

Excellent storage capacity and top video performance make this a cracking buy