Internet radio


£ 170

Pure Oasis Flow - an internet radio that can be used anywhere

£ 150

Not the prettiest looking radio we've seen, but a good spec and generally decent sound weigh in its favour

£ 170

For those who want something that's easily cleanable, and sits neatly in the kitchen, then the Revo Domino D3 might just be the ticket

£ 170

It's got a built in iPod dock and a smooth sound to boot – we think this DAB/FM radio's much more of a saint than a sinner

£ 230

This attractive radio offers an attacking listen, but it's not the punchiest performer

£ 250

This intriguing internet radio has loads to offer – once the promised upgrades are addressed it could become the class-leader

£ 100

It's got a good heritage, but Pure's Siesta Flow just can't cut the mustard at double the price of the Siesta

£ 225

It might look good and have great technical ability, but the Airsteam 10 lets itself down with poor sound

£ 160

Logitech's latest addition into the Squeezebox range is a versatile and easy to use way of getting web-based music and media

£ 250

Radio Product of the Year, Awards 2010. Talented and likeable, the Avanti Flow is a genuine alternative to a micro system