DAB/FM radios


£ 220

A designer radio with the substance to match its style

£ 70

The AJ5100 is designed as a ‘table radio’, but with its literally laid-back styling both looks and feels more exclusive than it is

£ 50

Compact unit offers four alarms, plus a good display, but the sound and reception are merely average

£ 85

Products that are perfect for their purpose don't get much better than this - a sports fan’s must-have

£ 50

The One is its entry-level DAB radio, and its performance means it should sell in shedloads

£ 436

If you’re the type of shopper who checks the price and then the product, look away now

£ 200

The gadgets grab the headlines, but the Evoke-3 is fundamentally a great choice as a portable radio

£ 150

Under the skin, all the RD50s are the same: a DAB/FM radio with some old-fashioned rotary controls

£ 70

The Geo 1 looks great and is a joy to use, but sound quality is merely average

£ 150

This smart, sturdy pocket unit isn’t content with just being an FM and DAB radio – it also includes an SD memory card slot