DAB/FM radios


£ 150

This DAB internet radio may have a good sound, but in terms of value we think you can do better elsewhere.

£ 50

A neat and genuinely useful little accessory for your iPod – and at a friendly price

£ 250

This is a large, heavy product, and that shines through in the sound quality - for the radio

£ 70

Goodmans has delivered Award-winning DAB product before... but not this time

£ 50

Even if all you want is a bit of background noise, there are cheaper radios out there that sound just as good as this one

£ 70

Endless supply of MP3 music; balanced sound; inoffensive styling

£ 70

Unlike standard in-car DAB radios, the Highway is an add-on to the FM radio already fitted to most cars

£ 60

It won’t surprise many to learn that this Sony clock/radio is a cut above its nominal competitors

£ 130

An interesting alternative to Pure style, and a good go-anywhere buy

£ 120

The range of features making the Morphy Richards a pretty complete bedroom or kitchen listening solution