DAB/FM radios


£ 150

The Solo XT is a simple tabletop DAB/FM radio: solidly built and easy to use, it delivers bags of bass and will easily fill a room with sound

£ 100

The Tangent Uno may be a simple FM/AM radio, with no internet or DAB reception, but it's still a beautifully built and fine-sounding device

£ 150

You can buy the Evoke Mio in one of five fetching colours, and it sounds good too, but the competition is fierce at this price level

£ 200

You may or may not like the retro styling of this Roberts, but it sounds superb

£ 80

The iDream is packed with functionality, but sounds thoroughly underwhelming

£ 170

In design terms the Evoke 2S doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but with solid build, good OLED display and revamped ‘Clearsound’ amp technology, it offers a

£ 80

Perhaps the perfect out-and-about radio – but if you can live without solar power you can buy the same sound for less

£ 70

Best desktop DAB up to £100, Awards 2010. Impressive DAB/FM radio. The strong tuner picks up a host of digital stations

£ 40

One of the newest additions to the Pure range, the One Mini is a real fisherman’s friend of a radio, ideal for taking to the park or on holiday

£ 180

It's compact, lightweight and solidly built and follows on from the Blik we reviewed earlier this year.