DAB/FM radios


£ 50

We think you'll be surprised by just how good this Tesco radio actually is, with its clear sound, clear display and good timing

£ 75

This mini DAB from Roberts has a lot going for it in terms of sound, but we really don't like the ultra-fiddly controls

£ 25

It might be cheap, but even at this price this own-brand DAB radio's thin sound makes it a liability

£ 45

Roberts' Elise certainly has some plus points - including a fast-paced delivery, and clear sonics, but it needs to do much more to compete

£ 35

It may only be £35, but you get a lot for your money here, and this budget DAB is well worth checking out

£ 53

MagicBox has gone for a sophisticated design with its new Touch DAB/FM radio

£ 65

If retro looks are your thing you'll like this Sony's styling, but we couldn't get on with its congested sound

£ 75

It's a great listen, is easy to use and looks good too - this Roberts comes recommended

£ 85

There are some good features here, but despite its plus points the DLR-1's sound is wanting

£ 480

Eton has teamed up with Porsche Design to create this odd-looking luxury DAB/FM radio with iPod dock