DAB/FM radios


£ 40

The Magicbox Parabola offers something different in terms of design

£ 90

The future-proof Tangent Trio offers FM DAB/DAB+ and DMB

£ 150

Aimed predominantly at women, the Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely is an easy listen with talk radio

£ 200

Cath Kidston's flower-power version of Roberts' retro Revival radio

£ 160

Best DAB/FM radio, Awards 2012. Its retro looks belie a high-tech spec and top-notch sound

£ 120

The Marshall's a must for any rocker out there: it goes up to 11, for goodness sake

£ 35

It's a wallet friendly £35, but unfortunately this budget Pure has poor looks and sound that detract from that affordable price tag

£ 60

Firmly positioned in the budget DAB radio bracket, this Nevada is beaten hands down by the competition in terms of sound and build

£ 60

It's undeniably small, but that's the best thing to say about this thoroughly hopeless handheld DAB radio

£ 70

A perfect example of the adage 'looks aren't everything', this smart DAB has a sense of style but poor usability and sound