DAB/FM radios


£ 90

Perfect for on-the-go casual listening, but not as your main home radio

£ 150

A good buy if you crave a dock with your radio, but otherwise look elsewhere

£ 100

This touchscreen-toting unit is definitely worth a listen

£ 50

The old-fashioned clock-radio is brought up to date with iDevice compatibility – but at an old-school price

£ 100

More than talented enough to warrant a place at the top table

£ 80

Cheerfully retro sound, hefty and attacking sound

£ 90

Another strong Roberts radio, with sweet sounds and sophisticated looks

£ 250

Tivoli's PAL+ is cute and sounds good but it's too pricey

£ 65

The Pure One Classic II is a gentle upgrade of the splendid original

£ 90

Great performer if the DAB reception is strong, but reception can get awfully iffy