Style speaker packages


£ 300

Few speaker systems manage to blend design, performance and – crucially – price with the effectiveness of the A102HCS5 package from Jamo

£ 1000

Great performance, looks and build, but after two years at the top, the KEF now faces some tough competition

£ 700

An attractive package from Audio Pro, but it's beaten by class leaders when it comes to sheer sonic punch and excitement

£ 1695

The Tannoy is a capable system, but when up against the best in this class it’s possible to pick holes

£ 995

Against such strong opposition, the Morel's lethargic subwoofer lets it down

£ 2695

If you’re in the market for a serious home cinema speaker system, ‘designer’ or not, the Arena HighLine 500 package deserves your urgent attention

£ 1694

Best style speaker package £1500-£2000, Awards 2010. A no-brainer: the only really tough choice you’ll have to make is deciding which finish to pick

£ 600

The Mission system is as appealing as ever