Style speaker packages


£ 1275

The old Radius range was great, but this new HD system is even better – our Awards judging just got harder

£ 800

A long-established favorite made even better with a few detail tweaks and the inclusion of an all-new subwoofer

£ 600

Understated and cultured sound, but not the most thrilling you can buy

£ 1500

If you're a bit of a minimalist, Audica’s elegant CX system could be the multichannel speaker package for you

£ 650

If you can’t stand the idea of five speakers and a subwoofer, try this unconventional system for size

£ 1650

Designed to see service in any of the five or seven positions in a multichannel set-up

£ 800

This system boasts many of the good points of its Award-winning siblings

£ 795

A good middle ground between style and traditional speaker packages

£ 600

A sound that’s detailed and revealing, but is also a little too bare and unforgiving

£ 1200

At its best this system is breathtaking, with a solidity beyond belief